Things to know before beginning any carb cycling program.

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Carb cycling is the best way to lose that unwanted weight but you must understand a few things before beginning. This is hands down the best thing that has ever worked for me, in all my years as a personal trainer. And now I want to share it with YOU! Check out my free mini eBook.

Jenny Mire, Certified Personal Trainer

What People Are Saying:

  • Samantha

    New York

    I am a fitness and nutrition junkie. After having two orthopedic surgeries, I just couldn't find my mojo. Jenny's programs are challenging, exciting, fun and rewarding. I feel like I add new lifestyle tools to my arsenal every week; I enjoy the accountability and sense of community and the results really speak for themselves. There's nothing gimmicky, unattainable or extreme with her programs. Despite the fact that I "met" Jenny on social media, her programs are super effecitve and sustainable in REAL life! I'm so happy and will continue on with whatever she offers next!

  • Bonnie


    Through Jenny's boot camps I have lost weight and inches. I have learned that it's not about starving yourself or only eating salad. Her bootcamps have made it really easy to eat with my family and be ok with it. I've gotten great results!

  • Holly


    I really can't say enough good things about Jenny and her programs. I'm a skeptic when it comes to these "miracle diets", so many promise the world and then come up painfully short. Not Jenny's. So far I've participated in a handful of online bootcamps and they all lived up to every expectation. The nutritional aspect is challenging but so worth it, I've felt great following her guidelines. The workouts are fresh and approachable, no endless hours of cardio, no unmanageable weight lifting sessions. And she's there every step of the way to help, encourage, and tailor the program to fit your goals. I've tried so many different programs over the years that had no results, they all left me feeling defeated. If you've been spinning your wheels trying to reach your goals, then Jenny's just the woman to get you on track. 

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